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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Where does the data on FirmenWissen originate from?
    FirmenWissen is an online company data base provided by Europe's market leading business & credit information supplier Creditreform. We draw data from a wide range of research sources, like public registers including the commercial register, the register of associations and the register of cooperatives. We also gather data from corporate sources like annual accounts, business reports, payment habits and supplier enquiries. Furthermore we have access to exclusive sources, like data from billing, debt collection and advanced balance analyses. Last but not least, our own inquiries (so-called secondary information sources) are also being used by contacting suppliers, self-assessments, as well as news from daily- and business press. Thanks to qualified staff members in 130 local offices throughout Germany, Creditreform has facilitated an extensive market presence and the infrastructure required to provide current and accurate data at all times. The close proximity to local businesses enables us to always stay in touch with regional developments in a wide spectrum of business sectors. FirmenWissen receives company data updates on a daily basis.
  • 2. Which information do your products contain?
    On every company page we provide a free-of-charge content preview for all available products. You can find detailed information on each product type here:
  • 3. I couldn't find a specific company. What can I do?
    Let us try to help you with your research: Please contact us and we will check whether we can provide data for the requested company or not - completely free of charge and without obligation.
  • 4. How can I buy company data?
    You can obtain Company Profiles, Financial Profiles, Balance Profiles and Credit Reports through our online shop on this website. You won't have to register in order to purchase a document, but if you do, you can use the lite version of our Watchlist-Service free of charge. Methods of payment available to you are PayPal and credit card. After conclusion of the payment we deliver the document to the email address deposited by you. You will receive your product both in PDF-, as well as in xls-format (N.B.: Credit Reports are currently only available in PDF-Format). If you need business information on a more regular basis, you should take a look at our premium access model, which provides you with discounts of up to 50% on every purchase and a variety of other benefits.
  • 5. How quickly do I receive the purchased documents?
    The delivery of purchased documents takes place immediately after the purchase to the email address you provided during your purchase. The respective purchase invoice will be sent to you as a PDF file in a separate email shortly thereafter. If you didn't receive a product after a few minutes and checked your e-mail spam folder to no avail, please contact our customer support.
  • 6. For the company XY there is no Financial Profile available, why is that?
    Not all companies are obligated to publish detailed balance information. This can depend on the location, the legal form and the size of the enterprise (turnover). In contrast, the products Company Profile and Credit Report are always available.
  • 7. Can companies see who retrieved their data?
    The document purchase takes place anonymously, e.g. your customer data will not be transmitted to the company about which you purchased information. Your data will be used exclusively for our business relationship with you and will not be shared with third parties.
  • 8. What do you do with my provided data?
    We would like to use your email address to inform you about new products or to send customer satisfaction surveys concerning our offer (summarized under the term “newsletter” in the following text). You may object to being sent newsletters directly at the end of each newsletter by clicking the link “unsubscribe” or contact us directly if you do not wish to receive the newsletter.
  • 9. I found my own company: How can I change the data?
    We gladly update your company data or inform you about the registered data concerning your company. Please contact us. Please note that changes will be checked by the responsible branch office of Creditreform first before being published on FirmenWissen.
  • 10. Why is the Watchlist Service being discontinued for a specific company?
    Companies on FirmenWissen are selected from the Creditreform database based on specific criteria. A company's data record may no longer appear on FirmenWissen for a number of reasons. E.g. the company is no longer active or has expressed the wish to remove its company data record from FirmenWissen. On a case by case basis, you can contact our support team, who then determines the reason for a deletion/removal.
  • 11. Why can I rely on FirmenWissen?
    FirmenWissen is a service provided by Creditreform. Founded in 1879, Creditreform is one of the oldest and most established organizations in the field of business information. For more than a century we have been composing and refining a wide range of products and services geared towards supporting companies in the process of establishing and maintaining secure and trusting business relationships. Our reputation as a reliable source for business information can be attributed to many years of experience, more than 160,000 customers worldwide and a strict commitment to high quality standards.
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