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Information according to legal regulations concerning distance selling and withdrawal instruction for the internet portal FirmenWissen

1. Information concerning the identity of the provider of FirmenWissen

1.1 The internet portal FirmenWissen (later in here referred to as “FirmenWissen”), retrievable under the domain is provided by the Federation of Associations Creditreform e.V. (later in here referred to as “provider”), Hammfelddamm 13, 41460 Neuss/Germany. The provider is registered with the Register of Associations under the registration number 57 VR 506.

1.2 The provider is represented by the members of the board of directors Mr. Christian Wolfram and Jens Schott.

1.3 The official postal address of the provider is Hammfelddamm 13, 41460 Neuss/Germany

2. Subject of agreement

FirmenWissen offers the retrieval of company details from data bases with costs as well as other services provided on a homogeneous internet platform. The services of FirmenWissen are especially addressed to the use within business-to-business interactions of small and medium-sized companies. Regardless of the fact that the business information available via FirmenWissen serve predominantly corporate purposes, FirmenWissen may also be available to end users.

3. Information concerning the conclusion of premium contracts

3.1 The mere research on data bases available via FirmenWissen, and/or display of match lists is possible free of charge without concluding an additional contract

3.2 Premium users may retrieve all products available to them for reduced fares against payment of a monthly fee.

3.3 The conclusion of a premium contract requires the successful registration with FirmenWissen. This also requires entering mandatory personal details, billing address, user identification details and preferred payment methods into the respective form available on the website of FirmenWissen (new user). The next step enables the user to correct the provided details before submitting the registration data to the provider by clicking the respective button. The receipt of the registration data will be confirmed to the user via e-mail including a binding offer to register and thereby concluding the premium contract according to the present terms of website use/service. To finish the registration the activation of the user identification is required by clicking the activation link in the confirmation e-mail. By activating the account by the user the registration is finished. By activating the link the user also bindingly accepts the offer towards concluding a premium contract. Thereby the registration is completed and the premium contract is concluded.

3.4 Creditreform members

Members of the association Creditreform are not obligated to pay a monthly basic fee on conclusion of a premium contract and may use the entire offer of services by FrimenWissen. They are able to register with their Creditreform user identification and the Creditreform password as premium users. The conclusion of a premium contract for Creditreform memebers takes place as described under No. 3.3.

4. Information concerning the conclusion of a pre-paid contract

Pre-Paid users may choose between three models. Choosing model L, the user pre-pays a starting amount of 1,250 EUR and receives a 20 % discount on the online offers Company Profile, Financial Profile, Balances/Income Statement, Company Address - and Solvency, if additional agreed upon - over a contractual period of 1 year. Choosing the model XL, the user pre-pays a starting amount of 2,500 EUR and receives a 30 % discount on the above mentioned offers over a contractual period of 1 year. Choosing model XXL, he user pre-pays a starting amount of 5,000 EUR and receives a 40 % discount on the above mentioned offers over a contractual period of 1 year. A regular fee is not applied to any of these models. The contract is concluded by transferring the starting amount onto the bank account of the provider, the contractual term begins with the receipt of log-in data.

5. Information concerning contractual term and cancellations

5.1 On contract conclusion, the premium user may choose between an unlimited contractual term or an annual subscription.

Contracts with unlimited contractual terms may be cancelled quarterly, beginning with the conclusion of the contract.

On choice of annual subscription the minimum contractual term is 12 months, beginning with the conclusion of the contract. If not cancelled 3 months before expiry of the minimum contractual term, the contractual term automatically extends to further 12 months.

5.2 The possibilities to extraordinary cancellation of premium contracts or contracts concerning company entries remain unchallenged.

5.3 In case of cancellations user IDs and customer numbers will be blocked.

5.4 Cancellations may be handed in in writing by letter to the postal address of the provider Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V., Hammfelddamm 13, 41460 Neuss, or electronically using the FirmenWissen contact form (, by e-mail to or by fax under 0049/(0)2131/109-8286, The user ID is to be attached to the cancellation.

6. Information concerning prices and terms of payment

6.1 The amount of the payment for data retrieval and/or use of other services is according to prices displayed in the current price list of the provider ( All prices are plus statutory VAT valid at the time of retrieval.

6.2 In addition to the payment for a single data or service retrieval, Premium users pay a monthly basic fee of 5,83 EUR, incl. VAT, on choosing an annual subscription (No. 10.1), an annual basic fee of 57,12 EUR, incl. VAT.

6.3 Basic fees to be paid within the scope of premium contracts are to be paid after the conclusion of the contract for 3 months in advance, on choosing the annual subscription (No. 10.1) for 12 months in advance.

6.4 Payments are possible by direct debit through selected payment service providers or by online payment via PayPal and instant transfer or by credit card. In addition, premium users have the possibility to pay via bank transfer on receipt of invoice. Every user receives an electronic invoice including the bank details of the provider. On request, users will be sent an invoice on paper via mail service.

7. Right to withdrawal and withdrawal instruction

The user has the right to withdrawal as far as he/she is a consumer according to Sec. 13 German Civil Code (BGB) and may withdraw from the contract as follows:

Right to withdrawal

You may withdraw from the contract in writing (e.g. by letter, Fax or E-Mail) within 14 days without giving a reason. The period begins with receipt of this withdrawal instruction note in text form, but not priory and not priory to the fulfilment of our legal information obligations according to Article 246 Sec. 2 in connection with Sec. 1, para. 1 and 2 of the Introductory Act to the German Civil Code(EGBGB) as well as our obligation according to Sec. 312 g, para. 1, no. 1 German Civil Code in connection with Article 246, Sec. 3 of the Introductory Act to the German Civil Code. To comply with this period a due dispatch of the withdrawal notice or return shipment of the product is required. Please send your withdrawal notice to the following address:

FirmenWissen Kundenbetreuung
Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.
Hammfelddamm 13
41460 Neuss
Telefax: 49 (0)2131 109-8286

Consequences of withdrawal

In case of an effective withdrawal, mutually received performances as well as possible benefits (e.g. interest) are to be refunded. If received performances as well as benefits (e.g. advantages of use) cannot be refunded or only refunded or handed out in an impaired condition, we are entitled to claim compensation for lost values. This may lead to the fact that you have to fulfil your payment duties until the withdrawal comes into effect. Obligations to refunding payments are to be fulfilled within 30 days. For you the period begins with the posting of your withdrawal declaration, for us with the receipt of it.

Special notes:

Your right to withdrawal prematurely expires when the contract is considered as completely fulfilled by both parties on your explicit request before you have exercised your right to withdrawal.

End of withdrawal instructions

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